Forgotten Foods

Putting Australian native flavours back on the plate

Our story - a love of the bush, plants and food

Forgotten Foods was born out of a love of food, a passion for plants and a penchant towards the rare and unusual in both.

After dreaming up the idea of starting our own bush food nursery and edible landscape design business we set about finding the perfect place to get it all happening. After many months of searching, we found the perfect spot - a lovely 15 acre property in the beautiful Kinglake Ranges. Ample water, lots of sun, rich red soil and stunning views to the distant snowfields provided the perfect spot for our business idea and our ideal lifestyle.

Now one year on, our bushfood nursery is really starting to take shape and ready to supply you with a wonderful range of bushfood plants. Check out our nursery page for plant information and availability and recipes for using your bushfoods or garden produce. 

We have also decided to expand our business into the other Forgotten Foods - rare, unusual and heritage food varieties that have exceptional flavour and nutritional value but are never seen on supermarket shelves. We will be providing fresh, seasonal produce such as a range of bushfood products, heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables, rare fruit such as sloe plums and much much more as our business and our plants get growing. We will be adding a fresh produce page once we're all set to go which will showcase our yummy heirloom produce available for sale.

Claudia Green sheltering under a giant fig leaf
Steve Plose - Blacksmith extroardinare


We are Claudia, Steve, Josh, the Dog a growing assortment of other plants and animals and together we are the Team behind Forgotten Foods. We aim to help you experience the flavours of the Australian bush as well as other rare and heirloom food plants that have been forgotten in our relentless push toward the supermarket society.

With a Masters degree in horticulture as well as qualifications in garden design, botany, permaculture and teaching, Claudia is well equipped to help you find the right bushfood plants for your garden and can even work with you on your garden design using Permaculture as well as traditional garden design principles. As a designer she specialises in edible garden design and loves to integrate bushfoods and other rare edibles into her beautiful landscapes. As she also has a keen interest in cooking she has extensively researched the historical uses of bushfood plants and is continuously trying out new recipes to find creative and tasty ways to use these bushfoods as well as general garden produce in the kitchen. 

Steve has a keen passion for the Australian bush having spent time living and working in some very remote areas. During these travels he learned about indigenous culture and food from the local Aboriginal people. Steve has tried some interesting bushtucker beyond the usual cliches of witchety grubs and crocodile. He knows from experience that there is a vast world of edible plants throughout Australia that we have hardly even begun to tap into. With this first hand experience Steve can help you with questions on the traditional uses of many of Australia's edible plants and animals. In addition to growing Forgotten Foods, Steve also runs his own blacksmithing and welding business Kinglake Wrought Iron