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Edible garden design and construction

We offer services in edible garden design, permaculture consulting and design and landscape construction as well as classes on a number of garden related topics. 

With qualifications in horticulture, garden design and permaculture we seek to integrate the aesthetic principles of traditional garden design with the ecological principles underpinning permaculture design. Permaculture provides us with a system of landscape design that emulates natural ecological systems for maximum productivity, minimal external inputs of energy and other resources, and reuse of all waste products. Traditional garden design on the other hand is focussed primarily on aesthetics - how to create a landscape that is pleasing to the eye creating spaces that touch us psychologically.

We feel that productivity and aesthetics are equally important. We seek to create gardens that feed both body and soul.

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Edible Gardens

Whether you like romantic or cottage gardens or prefer a more formal approach, we can design and construct your garden to suit your taste and make it both beautiful and productive.

We take the time to get to know you and take into account your garden style preferences, any allergy or other health concerns, practical and lifestyle needs and how much time you are able to allocate towards garden maintenance. And of course we will discuss with you your landscaping budget and design a solution that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Children's Playscapes

Contact with nature is essential for healthy childhood development. Research has found that regular, unstructured play in natural settings helps with social, cognitive and physical development and can even alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, ADHD and autism.

At Forgotten Foodscapes we believe every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment that stimulates their senses. By creating gardens specially designed for children, we give them an opportunity to play in naturalistic playscapes that provide an element of physical challenge, a sense of adventure and the chance to wonder at nature. Contact us for our special rates for schools and childcare centres.

Therapeutic Landscapes

Everyone who gardens knows that it feels great to get outside, get your hands dirty and enjoy the results of your hard work whether you grow vegetables or ornamentals. But did you know that researchers have found there are numerous significant health and wellbeing benefits of gardening?

Of course, gardening is a great way to exercise and can be done at any ability level. But gardening also stimulates the senses and provides mental health benefits because it gets people in contact with nature and the soil which, it turns out, contains antidepressant microbes.

Therapeutic horticulture is a field of horticulture that is gaining traction, particularly in the US and UK and now in Australia. People with disabilities, the elderly and people of ill health can all gain health and well-being benefits from engaging in gardening activities. And the best thing is that anyone can garden, at least a little bit.

At Forgotten Foodscapes we can design and construct gardens that are tailored to any individuals needs. From raised garden beds to sensory plantings, our designs can help you create a garden that can be used by you and your loved ones to engage, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.